Composite image of baby on  treble clef

Ellie’s gallery was full of colour, and light airy portaits and I did a punchy black and white set at the end. A good half of the final images that the parents chose were black and white, so it is this set I want to share on my blog today. My favourite was this composite – perfect for the musical family! The baby was photographed on a black blanket and then photoshopped on to this beautiful hand-drawn treble clef.

Safe in our hands

We then did a set of Ellie in her parents’ hands, which I love as these images show how tiny she was at the time of her shoot. They change so quickly in the early weeks and we have such a small window of time to capture them like this. These portraits are lit and edited to be lovely black and white images which allows all the focus to go on to the tiny baby being held.

The other image I always like as a black and white portrait is of the newborn with mum and dad against my lovely big softbox in the studio. I love the light it produces and I love the contact between newborn and adoring parents!

Newborn photo shoots are done when the baby is 5-25 days old (that’s approximate, I have photographed them up to 8 weeks but the poses and level of sleepiness changes!). To see more of my newborn work, check out my portfolio here: – or you can check out my Facebook page at

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